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Cost Savings Calculator

P’s & Q’s Cost Saving Calculator
P’s & Q’s rates include payroll taxes, benefits, and workers’ compensation insurance.  Also, with P’s & Q’s you don’t pay for vacations, sick time and statutory holidays – you only pay for the hours the substitute is actually at your site. And finally, with P’s & Q’s you also avoid all of the costs of recruitment & hiring, payroll processing, and HR that are associated with the employee.  For a fair comparison you need to add all of these costs on to the base hourly rate you pay your staff. See for yourself how much hiring your own staff really costs you using our labor cost calculator.
Employee Cost Calculator
Hourly Wage $
Payroll Taxes
Social Security   % $
Medicare   % $
Federal UI   % $
State UI   % $
State ETT   % $
Workers’ Compensation Insurance   % $
Medical/Dental Benefits (enter monthly cost) $   $
Pension Benefits (enter monthly cost) $   $
Overtime (enter number of OT hours per week)     $
Number of Paid Vacation & Sick Days    
Number of Paid Holidays    
Total Paid Time Off     $
Recruitment & Hiring Costs $
Payroll Processing Costs $
Human Resources Costs $
The Actual Cost per Hour of Your Staff     $